Tracy Dow, Faculty member here at SNHU (Image Courtesy: Tracy Dow)

Tracy Dow is the Director of the Center for Project-Based Learning (CPBL) within the new program at SNHU, the Learning Engagement and Academic Innovation (LEAI) program. She was asked to join and decided it was a great fit for her.

She liked how LEAI fit in with her graphic design background, and that it matched well with the studio classes she teaches. She hopes it will encourage students to further their learning in and out of the classroom.

“It seemed like a natural flow with [the] graphic design studio and project-based learning. It all seemed to fit together very nicely,” said Dow.

The LEAI program aims to improve teaching, learning, and student experiences. The team manages faculty development work and other practices they engage in on campus. They are also tasked with improving on-campus student retention and persistence. There are multiple offices and teams within this program.

With her new title at LEAI, Dow is able to meet more people and interact with the talented individuals on campus, especially in the CPBL.

The CPBL helps further students’ learning. Their mission is to provide new pathways for students and faculty to engage in experiential and project-based learning. It helps promote the value of these practices to those on campus and external partners involved with SNHU. Dow will be running studios and providing hands-on experiences to help students learn.

Dow has also been a faculty advisor for Graphic Design and Media Arts since being a staff member at SNHU. She has a BA in Graphic Design as well as an MBA. Before coming to SNHU in 2008, she worked as a graphic designer.

“Advising is very fun,” said Dow. “You get to know [the] students you have very well and start to know what they need before they see me.”

Dow has years of experience in advising from seeing all these students through their college years. Her experience and talent allow her to help her students achieve their fullest potential.

“I get to see all the new faces [in the] program and see all the great work the students make,” said Dow.

When asked about her favorite classes to teach, Dow answered with Basic Design and Color Theory (GRA 101). She enjoys teaching this course because it demonstrates the basics of design, and students get to learn and be creative.

She is reachable in her office located in Robert Frost, room 309, or by email at

“I like [my work] a lot. It is definitely hard to get a job here, but there is a lot of great talent,” said Dow.