Snow on campus. (Image courtesy: Lillie Nelson)

Student drivers on campus have experienced weather events that required them to move their cars to approved locations on campus. Snow is removed from the parking lots by SNHU Facilities/Grounds and a vendor. Depending on the affected areas around campus, the snow removal routes change based on the weather. 

James Winn, Assistant Vice President of Public Safety, discussed the snow removal efforts.

“Every storm is different depending on the amount predicted and the duration of the storm….SNHU Facilities/Grounds and the vendor each have their own designated areas of campus to maintain during weather events. If needed, routes can be deviated based on need and safety concerns,” said Winn.

Students are notified no later than 2pm on the day/night of plowing specific parking lots. Public safety and the Campus Communication Team send out snow removal information via social media. Residence Life also sends emails to students to notify them of plowing so they know to move their cars.

The Communications Team posts notices to all class-closed Facebook groups, the SNHU Facebook story, and Instagram.  Residence Life sends emails to all campus residents, and Public Safety puts out an SNHU alert that notifies students by text or email as well.

All commuter lots are plowed and treated on the first night after and/or the day of the storm.  This all depends on when the storm ends and if Facilities can get commuter lots cleared. On the second night after the storm, Facilities and the vendor clear snow in all East side resident parking lots with the exception of lots 26 and 37, which are cleared on the fourth night if needed. The third night after the storm, Facilities and the vendor clear snow in all West side resident parking lots.

“[Public Safety] Officers, as time and staffing allow, will also try [to] locate owners of cars that still need to be moved. [They] often will send individual texts or call students specifically to tell them to move their car,” said Winn. “This, however, is very time-consuming and is done as staffing and time allows. We do our best to give this final notice of an imminent tow for snow removal to individual car owners. This is only possible if a car has a parking decal, and we are able to determine who owns the vehicle.”

Winn explained what would happen if a student doesn’t remove their car.

“Public Safety utilizes several towing vendors located in Manchester and coordinates with them prior to and during the towing event. Public Safety will also send the students that got towed an email saying they have been towed on the following business day,” said Winn.

Winn also discussed where vehicles go when they are towed and how students are charged for it.

“Vehicles with parking decals/and PS can identify the owner are towed from one parking lot to another parking lot and the fee is $100 (charged to their student account). If Public Safety can’t identify the owner of a vehicle/vehicle has no decal, the vehicle is towed off campus back to the tow company impound yard,” said Winn. “This will add additional charges to be paid directly to the tow company when you pick up your vehicle from them.  These charges are set by the towing company on a case-by-case basis and the charges include towing, storage fees, and gate fees,” Winn said.

The Public Safety office is located in the Morrissey House, next to the Shapiro Library. They are reachable by email at, or by phone at (603)645-9700.