Dr. Lowell Matthews (image courtesy: Dr. Lowell Matthews)

During Black History Month, SNHU honors the triumphs and sacrifices that African Americans have undergone throughout U.S. history to today.

Dr. Lowell Matthews, Associate Professor of Global Business and Leadership, spoke on what Black History Month means to him. He shared the importance of Black history not just in February, but every month.

“I realize that in my position here at SNHU, I don’t take it lightly. I realize that the individual before me had to knock down particular barriers so that I can be here….I feel as part of my responsibility not only during Black History Month, but year-round, [is] to continue to knock [down] more barriers so that individuals that are following in my footsteps can do even better than I am,” said Matthews.

Matthews spoke about his position at SNHU and reflected on the accomplishments made by people across generations toward equality. These movements have allowed him and many other Black Americans the opportunity to become professors.

“Every day I wake up, it is Black History Month,” said Matthews. “SNHU has a vibrant community on campus, and really opened that up for me by inviting me in to be part of it. SNHU was willing to have those conversations, and it’s been 10 years, and I’m still at SNHU because of that conversation.”

SNHU looks to continue to create opportunities around campus by hosting events, panels, and educational outlets for students and faculty. These opportunities will expand knowledge and host conversations for the SNHU community to understand what Black history really means.

“There is so much information accessible to students, faculty, and everybody. There is so much information about this topic to consume and educate yourself about….I think the more educated we become as a society, we’ll have a better understanding of how to move forward,” said Matthews. “One of the best ways and easiest ways to engage, acknowledge, and celebrate Black History Month is to read Black history.”