Sophia Peguri: Senior Letter

SNHU has given me so many opportunities throughout my years here. One is The Penmen Press. I have been incredibly lucky to have been part of this journey in this club and would recommend it to any student thinking of joining. It has prepared me in many ways for my plans after I graduate and I will hold the skills that I gained throughout

Faculty Spotlight: Andrea Bard

Andrea Bard is the Associate Professor of Communication and the Coordinator of the Communication major. She has been a part of the SNHU community for 24 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. Bard spoke about the importance of Communication and why she took the role of implementing it into students as a professor and mentor. “It’s the most important thing in my

Out of the Darkness Walk Returns to SNHU

SNHU is hosting the Out of the Darkness Campus Walk on April 1, which is an on-campus event that aims to raise awareness and funds for mental health and suicide awareness. The walk will be taking place at the Green Space and is open to anyone who wants to support the fight to prevent suicide. Mental health is an ongoing issue that is focused

Black History at SNHU

During Black History Month, SNHU honors the triumphs and sacrifices that African Americans have undergone throughout U.S. history to today. Dr. Lowell Matthews, Associate Professor of Global Business and Leadership, spoke on what Black History Month means to him. He shared the importance of Black history not just in February, but every month. “I realize that in my position here at SNHU, I don’t