Webster Hall. (Image courtesy: Taylor Posik)

Executive Vice President of Campus Administration Don Brezinski announced that the SNHU administration is proposing changes to several campus programs. Faculty members received this information via email on January 10.

The email mentioned that there has been an ongoing program analysis involving reviews from faculty, department chairs, and deans. Brezinski also stated that the usage of university resources and student success is paramount.

“First and foremost, I want to recognize everyone who has contributed to the academic program portfolio analysis work. We’ve read the thoughtful, comprehensive reviews from faculty for each program, and I’m grateful for how every conversation has centered on our students’ very best interests,” said Brezinski. “Our goals throughout this portfolio analysis work have been to ensure that our academic programs meet the needs of our students and employers, make the best use of university resources, and contribute to overall student success.”

Campus Administration is looking to “bank” the following undergraduate programs: AS Business Administration (AS.BAD); BBA Business Administration (BBA.BAD); BA Educational Entrepreneurship (BA.EDE); BA Liberal Arts (BA.LAR); and EXM Entrepreneurship (BS.ENT, formerly EXM.ENT).

Additionally, these campus minors may also be terminated: Baking (BAK.MINOR); Culinary and Baking (CBA.MINOR); Fashion Merchandising (FME.MINOR); Hospitality (HBU.MINOR); Music (MUS.MINOR); and Sports and Event Management (SSEM.MINOR).

Meanwhile, BS Aeronautical Engineering (BS.AEG); and BA Sociology (BA.CSO) may be converted to campus minors.

None of these proposals are official. Campus Administration is collecting recommendations from the SNHU Professional Employee Association (SNHUPEA) and the Faculty Senate before presenting the proposal to President Paul LeBlanc for the final decision.

The reason for the proposed changes is to “reallocate some of the resources for several programs,” said Brezinski.

The final decision timeline is undetermined, so there are still many questions regarding how this would directly affect current students in these programs. SGA announced that they will be holding a town hall meeting regarding these changes on Tuesday, February 7 from 3-5pm in the Upper Dining Hall. Students with questions regarding their program are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor.