Cape and SGA Offices. (image courtesy: Emily Blais)

With a new semester comes the beginning of many students’ college experiences. Without the familiarity of old friends and family, it can be difficult to adjust to a new environment.

Clubs on campus are a great way to ease the transition into university. There are plenty of clubs offering different experiences that help students meet others with similar interests.

Most club events are open to everyone regardless of membership status. Some even offer Penmen Pride points to use toward prizes at the end of the semester.

For students who may not be interested in joining clubs, SNHU hosts various out-of-class events for students to attend. There are two campus organizations that host events throughout the year: CAPE and the Student Government Association (SGA).

CAPE handles many memorable events, such as their annual concerts and Big Money Bingo. This semester, they will be hosting new events like Travel Truth Tuesday and Free Money Game Show.

Traveling Treat Tuesday will offer students the chance to try international sweets and test their knowledge of world trivia for a prize. Meanwhile, Free Money Game Show will provide students the opportunity to earn up to $100 in cash.

“What I’m really trying to get out of that week is to have students meet other students…that they usually wouldn’t meet and that are maybe a less represented part of the student body like international students or athletic students,” said CAPE President Nick Gannon (’23). “I’m [going to] try to facilitate those opportunities to have some fun and get [people] out of their shell for the first week.”

Moreover, SGA is the voice of the student body. According to President Stephanie Matte (’23), “We are trying to build up our suggestion system again. We’re really trying to get people, our senators…and our executive board members [in particular], back out into our community and having conversations with folks to have those personal relationships so people don’t feel like they’re filling out an online forum.”

SGA has two events at the beginning of the year. One event is the Sunset Social outside of New Castle Hall on September 20, where people can get food and socialize with a view.

The second event is a collaboration between SGA and CAPE to play “Spiderman: No Way Home” on the Green Space on September 2. Students can also participate in the raffle being hosted afterward.

For more information on upcoming events, check out the SNHU Events Calendar on MySNHU.