Logo of the Student Government Association. (Image courtesy: Ryan Barrett)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization that represents the best interest of students on campus. They do this through shared governance, sound fiscal policy, beneficial services, and leadership.

According to the SGA website, “…members take the suggestions, comments, and concerns that are voiced by students like you and make appropriate changes to our campus whenever possible. Whether it is an alteration of judicial policies, an improvement in a residence hall, or providing more environmentally-friendly takeout options in the Dining Center – all of the changes we have made have been based on what students have spoken up about.”

SGA also runs the on-campus event rewards system known as Penmen Pride. Students can attend events to earn points for prizes at the end of the semester.

“This program enhances school spirit within our student body by implementing incentives for students to attend events. By having your event be a Penmen Pride event, you can look forward to students showing up excited to attend. Penmen Pride is just one of the ways that the Student Government Association builds student community spirit by creating a common goal among all SNHU students – to earn points, and win prizes!” the SGA website stated.

Organizations can register their events for students to earn Penmen Pride points. A list of Penmen Pride events can be found on the calendar on their website.

SGA will be hosting many events this fall, such as their annual Celebration of Light event held during the holiday season.  Additionally, SGA offers co-sponsorships to help other clubs with funding or volunteers for events. Funding for clubs to attend conferences is available as well.

Currently, the Student Government Association has open positions. Elections will be taking place this fall during the fourth week of the semester on September 20, 21, and 22. Applications to run for senate are due no later than Friday, September 9. Applications can be found on their website: snhusga.org. Meetings will take place every Tuesday at 5:00 pm in the Green Center, room 102A.

Students can contact sga@snhu.edu or visit their office located in the Student Center, room 115, with questions. Announcements and additional information can be found on the following social media: Facebook @snhusga1, Twitter @snhustudentgov, and Instagram @snhusga.