Men’s tennis player Jonathan Berling (’25) hits the ball during practice (image courtesy: Jim Stankiewicz)

The SNHU men’s tennis team remains undefeated after a victory over Assumption College at home on April 5. 

Ahead of the 2022 season, the team was in constant preparation. Head coach Greg Coache and rookie Jonathan Berling (‘25) spoke about the team’s expectations for the season. Berling notched both NE10 Player of the Week and his third NE10 Rookie of the Week on the week of March 22.

Coache is optimistic about what the team is doing and has great expectations for this season.

“We have three freshmen starters,” said Coache. “We are a very talented team and have some great senior leadership. The combination is fantastic. We’re stronger than we have ever been, but also knowing the competition, the NE10 conference is strong. We’ve got to do our job this year.”

What makes a freshman class so strong is strong recruiting. Coache mentioned that when it comes to recruiting athletes, he focuses on their character more than anything and then builds chemistry within the team.

“More than just building chemistry, I recruit personalities and abilities. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of talented players, but they wouldn’t fit. I look more at the cohesiveness that we put together. I’m very watchful of that,” said Coache.

Berling acknowledges how fortunate he is to be in his current position, and that he is thankful to have had this success thus far.

“I’m blessed that we have a really good coach,” said Berling. “Being able to play my way, pushing [myself] hard, and, at the same time, have [chemistry] with the other players on the team.”

Berling also talked about his NE10 Player and Rookie of the Week recognition, and how it takes more than just one player to achieve goals.

“Being nominated for that is a blessing, but I don’t focus more on that. I think that the whole team should also get recognition because I couldn’t do this without them,” said Berling.

To earn both awards in a single week doesn’t happen often. As long as Berling, Coache, and the rest of the men’s tennis team maintain their current mindset, their chances of success can only increase.