Meghan Stroh (’22) sprinting down the track (image courtesy: Jim Stankiewicz)

SNHU sprinter Meghan Stroh (‘22) broke two indoor track and field program records on December 5, 2021, at the Art Kadish Elm City Challenge in New Haven, Connecticut.

Stroh’s first record of the day was during the 55-meter dash with an SNHU program record of 7.44 seconds, according to the SNHU Penmen Athletics site.

She later broke her second school record of the day during the 400-meter run, a one-lap sprint around the track. She placed second in the event with her record-breaking 58.59 seconds, according to the Penmen Athletics site.

Stroh has experience running races that range from 55 meters to 800 meters but primarily focuses on shorter-distance sprints.

“In general, a lot of work goes into being a collegiate athlete….Each girl on the team puts everything they have into their session and workout,” said Stroh.

“It was definitely a good feeling when my coach told me I had broken the record. In track, even though you are competing against girls in your heat, you are racing the clock most of the time….One of the biggest problems most of us struggle with is appreciating our races and being proud of our times. But many times, being able to see all of my hard work pay off ends in a nice surprise,” said Stroh.

A common source of motivation throughout track and field programs is the inter-squad rivalry. The competition between teammates is a massive push, considering teammates compete against one another at meets.

“Out of all of my years on the team, I have never felt more supported by my teammates and coaches….During workouts, the small group of girls I run with continues to push each other while we are running and on our breaks,” said Stroh. 

She continued, “Going into my final season of indoor, I honestly had the goal to remain consistent and have fun. While breaking records is always a goal and a dream, I wanted to end my final season happy with my performances and enjoy the time I have left with the team,” said Stroh.

On January 30, Stroh placed first in both her 200m and 600m runs. “Stroh ran a season and career-best 1:42.01 to win the 600m after claiming the 200m in a season-best 26.68,” said Penmen Athletics. She continues to run for her best times as the season sprints on with a handful of meets to go.

Being fully committed to track and field, Stroh has weathered grueling workouts while forming close bonds with fellow members of her team. Ending her college track career gives her happiness, while also putting in some of the best races SNHU has ever seen.