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The RadioSNHU logo (image source: Brendan Mcguire)

RadioSNHU will be hosting the “Rock the Night Away” event at the Last Chapter Pub on December 4. This year’s occasion will be bringing in students from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

“Rock the Night Away is a night for students to come and enjoy some great live music in the Pub,” said Zachary Davidson, President of RadioSNHU (’22). “This will be a 4-hour event featuring several different genres of music.”

The collaboration with Berklee will go beyond bringing in musicians. RadioSNHU expects to bring in a sound technician from the college to help with audio mixing. “This means we are going to have really great soul coming from the stage, and everything will be mixed professionally,” said Davidson.

Davidson also spoke highly of the performers themselves. “They are all top-performing musicians at Berklee, some of whom have sponsorships and endorsements through major bands,” he said. “Many of them have been on tour around the world before.”

RadioSNHU is the sole sponsor of the event. However, Davidson stated that the club is open to cosponsorships. Additionally, the club has no plans to broadcast it but will consider streaming.

As the event draws closer to its date, RadioSNHU will make an effort to promote it across campus. Strategies include hanging up flyers and photos. Beyond that, the club has considered producing a promotional reel summarizing the event.

Since this is not the first time the “Rock the Night Away” event has been held, RadioSNHU wants to ensure it sticks out this year. “We are hiring very talented musicians and sound tech,” Davidson says. “This means the caliber of music coming from our artists, as well as the sound in the Pub, will be on a much more professional level than what we have previously hosted.”