Jordan Butter dribbling the ball (image courtesy: Jim Stankiewicz and SNHU Penmen)

Jordan Butters (’23) of the SNHU women’s soccer team was named the NE10 Player of the Week for September 20, as well as the following week, according to Penmen Athletics.

Her forefront accomplishments to achieve these awards were scoring the game’s only goal on September 15 against Saint Michael’s College, along with an overtime game-winner on September 29.

When asked if being named player of the week was a surprise, she said, “Yeah, a little bit…because there’s a lot of players in the league. I didn’t really expect that big of a deal out of it.”

Although NE10 doesn’t state what they look at when deciding the player of the week, Butters offered this perspective on earning the award: “Sometimes that means you get goals and assists. But sometimes it’s not all about stats. They have defensive player of the week; they have goalkeeper, offensive player, [and] I think working hard and playing your best is how they recognize those players.”

Despite the award being for individual players, Butters emphasized that earning this consists of teamwork.

“It’s more of a team effort than an individual effort. Yeah, I got a couple goals and assists, but that obviously wouldn’t have happened if other players didn’t set me up, and I didn’t set players up [to score],” said Butters.

Butters does not just want to stop here. “Just keeping up with what I’ve been doing and what our team has been doing, I think that we’ve been on a bit of a hot streak. Obviously, we have room for improvement, but I think as each game has been going, we’ve been getting better and better, and whatever I can contribute, I can contribute.”

As of now, the women’s soccer team is sitting with a score of 10-0-1: ten wins, one tie and no losses for the first time since 1994.