NE10 Fall Honor Roll (Image Courtesy: New Haven Chargers)

288 SNHU student-athletes made the NE10 Academic Honor Roll for keeping a 3.0 or better GPA during the fall semester. 75% of the student-athletes at SNHU are on this list which makes them ranked 5th in the conference. SNHU led the conference in 4.0 GPAs with 69 students hitting that threshold.

Given the current online environment, it’s easy to lose focus on grades and school. However, there are those who go above and beyond who deserve recognition for their deeds, such as the student-athletes. Because it spans the entire conference, this achievement differs from the President and Dean lists that the university offers to every student meeting the criteria.

The NE10 offers the Academic Honor Roll with three distinctions: Academic Excellence (4.0 GPA), Academic Distinction (3.50-3.99 GPA) and Academic Honors (3.00-3.49 GPA).

A predominant theme of success from the student-athletes was staying organized and utilizing communications with faculty throughout the semester.

“Professors have been easily reachable if I had questions…it was very helpful because it was the first time I attended English classes, so I accomplished this thanks to the help of my professors and by being organized,” said international men’s tennis player, Thomas Carsana, who received a 4.o GPA and a spot on the Academic Excellence list.

When asked what effect they thought the transition to online had on earning this award, some athletes said it made school easier being able to dedicate more time towards studying or even getting work out of the way entirely.

Contrarily, men’s cross-country captain, junior Andrew Derry, says that the transition made things difficult. “If anything, not having a team practice would be a detriment towards getting an award like this or…impedes progress. Having team practice or structured time just aids me. I know it aids my discipline, so I will be focused on practice time then focused after practice when I need to do my schoolwork moving forward,” continued Derry.

Although there are mixed reviews on how this award was achieved, the student-athletes set a record for SNHU and the NE10.