Welcome back, everybody!

Whether you’re in your last year or your first year, or somewhere in the middle, let us just say that we’re happy that you ended up here, reading this. Every first issue of the year is special to us, because, well, it’s the first issue. But this issue is a little more special to us than usual. This is the earliest we’ve published an issue in recent memory, and we’re really excited to share that with you.

In the past handful of years, our staff has grown and pushed themselves incredibly. This issue is a hopeful testament to all the growth we can continue to do.

Now traditionally, what we’ve done with the first Letter From the Editors of the year is take this space to tell you a little bit about our accomplishments from last year and tell you about what we’re going to do this next year. We’re going to break away from that tradition a little here.

This summer, we spent a long weekend at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis for the College Media Mega Workshop learning ways to improve our editorial leadership – which is just a fancy way to say ‘improving our student leadership and journalist abilities’.

Of course while we were there we got a lot of ideas and feedback on ways to improve our reporting, but we are most thankful for the journalistic community we discovered. We didn’t just leave with new ideas, but also mentors and friends to exchange trials and errors with.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re pumped to explore more solutions-based and data-driven stories with engaging design, and we have some cool events and perhaps a couple new ways to tell SNHU’s story in the pipeline. But that’s not why we’re inspired.

Student journalism and student leadership can both be isolating. You have to keep secrets, skip parties and manage your friends. And all for what? Some idyllic vision of what your campus should be like, what your community should be like?

Well, yeah. That’s a great reason to do it. But sometimes you lose sight of that vision. And that’s okay.

Let us repeat: That’s okay.

In fact it’s more than okay. It gives you the chance to be inspired again, remember why you do what you do. Then, you bounce back even stronger, more creative.

Here’s to a great year of bouncing back, of student leadership, of community. Whether this is your last or your first year, or somewhere in between, go out and gain a new perspective in our community, get engaged in something that inspires you, then show us.