There’s a place on campus where students can make their creations come to life.

The Makerspace is a lab in the back of the library’s first floor. While the walls and tables full of equipment can feel intimidating, it’s open for all students and faculty to use.

The Makerspace puts creative technologies within fingertips of the students, including computers for design, 3D printers, sewing machines, sticker maker, button maker, virtual reality gaming, laser edger for wood and glass and much more.

“Our goal is to give people the opportunity to build creative muscles” stated Christine Keenan, the Lab Assistant in the Makerspace. “It allows students to let their creative minds run free and push their creative limits. The Makerspace isn’t just a place for people to create. It is also a place where people can come and solve their own problems. A great example is if you rip your clothes, in the Makerspace you can go and learn how to sew it back together. You can solve your own problems and learn a new skill in the process.”

The Makerspace is a resource for clubs as well. If a group wants stickers, buttons or even notebooks with binding, then they can craft them at the Makerspace as an alternative to buying them. The Gaming Club plans to set up time in the Makerspace to create D&D figurines and paint them.

Lately, the Makerspace has been pushing out many events and workshops, almost one each day. The staff wants to spread the word about the Makerspace and get more people to realize the opportunities that the space has. Graduating seniors can even customize and personalize their caps.