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As a graphic designer, Canva is the bane of my existence. Canva is a website where any Joe Schmoe can pick out a template designed by other creators, put their information in and plaster it on the walls and boards around campus. However, there are few templates that are not exclusively dedicated to a single type of event. There are bake sales, sports games and other things designed for a specific event.

Here lies the problem. Every time there is a nice theme for free, everyone and their mother uses the said template. So, everywhere you look, the same flyer is duplicated on every board. This makes it hard to differentiate one event from another because people will look at it and think it’s the same poster.

If you aren’t savvy with designing, submit a request to the design team on campus at this link There are student workers who are paid to take any requests and design you flyers or other promotional items.

Not only would you get top-notch work from actual graphic designers for free, but you wouldn’t end up with the same flyer as another club. Canva advertises itself as being free, but it’s not if you want to use decent graphics. Most of the good ones come with a premium account.

Not only is Canva taking away jobs and helpful experience from graphic design students, but it also takes away all individuality from clubs and organizations on campus. As a graphic designer, we learn that unique branding is a key role in success for everything you do. Whether it’s a club, a store, or your resume, you should always keep things consistent and on brand.

Using someone else’s design and just slapping your name on it, or even turning it blue and gold does not make a brand. Canva is meant for small business owners, charities, PTA’s, or other places who don’t have the funds to hire graphic designers. While these services here on campus are free, there is no reason to not go out and get a great, creative poster made by an excited and experienced graphic designer.