The director of the wellness center at SNHU, Felix Pizzi. (image credit: Yazan Haimur)

SNHU has partnered with a phone application called uSafeUS in an effort to help keep their students safe and out of uncomfortable situations. The app is mostly focused on preventing sexual violence, however, it can aid students in various dangerous circumstances.

uSafeUS allows SNHU students to have access to many different resources such as the wellness center, public safety, community services, university services and emergency services with the click of a button. The app can also help students get out of an uncomfortable situation like sending a fake call or a text.

Getting access to the app is simple. Students can download it for free from the play store and select Southern New Hampshire University when asked to choose their school. According to the Director of the Wellness Center Felix Pizzi, the uSafeUS app provides easy access to safety information for SNHU students.

“[The app can] give you the address, the website and the contact information to reach sources,” said Pizzi.

This app is used by many different universities around the country, including one of SNHU’s neighbors, University of New Hampshire.

This app will hopefully help to make the uncomfortable situations that many students are faced with more easy to handle. It will also enable SNHU to keep better track of what is happening on campus with anonymous user statistics.

For more information, students can visit

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