Finally Finals week? Oh wait. Read about how the upcoming week has changed on the

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) previously designated the final week of each semester for finals. However, SNHU is eliminating finals week starting this semester. Finals week was implemented to provide two-hour-long class periods that had a set date, time and location usually differing from the usual time and place the class met throughout the semester. The school dropped finals week this semester, and now each professor plans his/her own final during the regularly scheduled class period.

The lack of a finals week has pros and cons. Student Savannah Marino said she would rather “have the teacher schedule the finals for the students” because she believes “it’s easier on the students’ workload.”

Student Nicole Hodgdon has a different opinion about losing finals week. She likes that since there is now a consistent schedule, she does not have to rearrange her work schedule. Without the full month and a half of winter break, it’s harder for Hodgdon to alter her work schedule because now “[we] end the same time as a lot of the elementary schools.” Therefore, in her opinion, this switch “is nice knowing it’s consistent” but does put a damper on her winter break educational plans.

On the other hand, Math Professor Shanna Hayes, who also works in the learning center, believes that “one isn’t better than the other one.” It depends on “your final or your summative evaluation of your students,” so it can be different for each professor. 

The last week of classes is from December 17 to December 21. This is when most students can expect their final exams. However, because of the new policy, professors may schedule finals ahead of time, and times vary, so students should check their syllabi and talk to their teachers to confirm their final exam dates.

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