This is D’Angelo in Derry, New Hampshire. Now closed.

Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo in Manchester have both closed due to the Papa Gino’s Holdings Corporation having to file for bankruptcy for protection on November 5. They were bought by Winthorpe and had to close some stores in order to remodel and modernize the remaining establishments.

According to their website, Papa Gino’s sells a variety of food, but since they are a pizzeria, their signature item is pizza. They also sell wings, soda, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks, and they deliver gluten-free pizzas.

Though it is mainly a sub shop, D’Angelo sells more than just subs. They also sell rice and grain bowls, salads, wraps, soups, and typical kids’ menu items.

According to their website, Papa Gino’s began in 1968 in East Boston after Michael and Helen Valerio changed the name of their restaurant from Piece O’ Pizza to Papa Gino’s. They then expanded throughout Boston and into the rest of New England. D’Angelo first opened in 1967 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Domino’s, Pizzeria, Subway, Papa John’s and small mom and pop joints, such as Pizza 9-1-1, are the competition for these two establishments in the Manchester area.

According to Boston Magazine, 95 Papa Gino’s and D’Angelo’s locations have been shut down. This led to many layoffs, some of which reportedly came without warning. These layoffs occurred close to the holiday season, which has led some to criticize the actions of the beloved pizza chain.

Any students looking for a job may be able to find one in their remaining stores. They want to open more locations and enhance their websites, but for now, they are hiring at the Papa Gino’s in Londonderry and Derry. Hopefully the closures will allow the business to grow and evolve its remaining stores to limit any future layoffs. 


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