Black Friday crowds. Picture Credits:

Black Friday has seemed to have become its own national holiday with how much it has grown over the years. It’s a night full of waiting in long lines, being stuck in large crowds and spending too much money all in the name of savings. It’s the time of year all retail workers dread and having worked two Black Friday weekends myself, I have a few thoughts.

Thanksgiving day has been plagued by Black Friday deals as many stores now open early evening on turkey day. What happened to just spending time with your family and enjoying one another’s company?

Black Friday isn’t also just one night or day anymore. It’s a whole weekend, and a nightmare for those who work in retail. Hours upon hours of dealing with customers who are grabbing as many things they can find, ringing customers out non-stop and putting back the piles of clothes everyone leaves behind. All while making sure the customers are having a great and quick experience.

Customers in my experience tend to forget that employees have been working long hours as fast as they can with little break time and sometimes even working 12-14 hour shifts day after day. If you have to wait in a line, don’t be mad at the employee. They can’t control the fact that there is a line, you should have expected it to be honest. Retail workers are just trying to do their job and survive the night, so they can get some rest and come back the next day.

Black Friday over the years has become pure insanity. What was once a joyful experience with friends and family to shop and save as much as possible for those holiday gifts has become pure chaos. People pushing one another to get in the store first and fighting over a TV or something even so simple as a dress.

What you see in the movies and all those crazy pictures are true when it comes to Black Friday, and all just to save a few bucks. Once a night of possible fun has become a materialistic holiday event that comes with you spending hundreds of dollars in the end. My advice to you is stay home and enjoy the holiday season with you family. If you do however decide to take on the night be safe and get your wallets ready.

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