At the top of Mt. Royale

Nothing sounds better than traveling the world with your best friends, right? Running around with your favorite people seeing and experiencing something new sounds like the best time of your life! Until someone wants to do one thing and someone else wants to do another and no one can agree on where to get dinner. So, while spending a week with nine best friends in Montreal may sound fun, there are definitely a few do’s and don’t’s that everyone should know before traveling with their friends.

The first tip is to always be prepared and to do your research. We learned this the hard way when we hiked up a mountain in tube tops, jean shorts and converse in 90 degree weather. When in Montreal, we all decided it would be fun to climb up Mt. Royale.

We thought it was going to be a short little climb based off the little research we did, but boy were we wrong. We endured an hour of climbing, taking multiple stops to catch our breath at the sides because some weren’t going fast enough for others. Eventually, we made it to the top. It was well worth it, but be sure you are prepared for whatever it is you have planned.

Next tip, just like anywhere else, things cost money and the expenses will add up. Make sure to distribute your money on food, drinks, activities and other things that are necessary. You really do not need that extra glass of wine at dinner.

In some instances, a friend may be willing to lend some cash. You can show your appreciation for the gesture by picking up their future tab or paying them back on Venmo weeks later. Overall, it is important to ensure that you have the funds to last the trip. Do not be the one in the group that needs to go to the ATM every single night.

When traveling out of the country most places have a drinking age of 18. Be sure you are doing it responsibility and have a friend with you at all times, because without realizing it, you could have one too many.

Having someone with you to make sure you aren’t going over your limit could be of help to avoid a fight with your best friend in the streets of a big, foreign city. For example, nights when bars have special offers like $1 shots on a Thursday would be a good time to know your limits. You can definitely get carried away with that deal.

Every trip is bound to have its hiccups. Overall, the most important tip to keep in mind is to have fun! Being able to travel with all your best friends is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Be thankful for that experience and enjoy life while we’re young.

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