Public Safety Officers speaking with two of the religious group members on campus. (Photo Credits: Aliya Dow)

Four women accompanied by two men were found wandering around the Southern New Hampshire University campus today, attempting to solicit students to speak with them regarding their religious group beliefs. Two of the four women had been approached by Public Safety earlier this morning and told they were not allowed to come back to campus. The other two women were approached later on in the morning and told to do the same.

At around 3:30 p.m., the two men were approached in front of the Shapiro Library by Public Safety Officers. The Hooksett Police were called and arrived on the scene within minutes. They took down the information from the two males and asked them to leave campus immediately.

Public Safety believes that the group found on campus is not a threat to SNHU but rather trying to spread their religious beliefs.

This is not the first time members of this religious group have been on the SNHU campus. On Tuesday, October 30 four women were spotted walking around campus approaching individuals. Public Safety was able to track them down and asked the group to leave the premises.

Upon reaching out to Hooksett Police, the officer on call was unable to comment, as he was not present for the incident. The Penmen Press is awaiting official comment.

The Penmen Press remains uncertain of the particular group’s affiliation, and will continue to reach out to suspected groups to figure out more information.

The Penmen Press will continue to publish new information as it becomes available.

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