Students can study across the United States, like in Colorado, pictured. (image credit: NSE)

Have you ever thought about taking the trolley to class in San Francisco or spending a semester on the beaches of Hawaii?

The National Student Exchange (NSE) has welcomed its first group of students to the SNHU campus. The students, one from Vermont and another from Arizona, are the first of the new program at SNHU, and the next group could include you.

NSE allows students to spend a portion of their college experience studying at another university. It’s similar to study abroad, but it instead focuses on domestic travel.

“We want our students to be more exposed to different cultures and educational programs,” said Laura Malito, director of the program.

The program aims to help students discover and appreciate the regional differences across the United States. Malito helps students discover which university might have something to offer for them.

“Some students focus more on their academic needs while many students choose for the destination,” said Malito. “Some students also wanted to explore an area they’re thinking of moving to for work or for graduate school”

In the Spring of 2019, a SNHU student will be traveling to the University of Hawaii for a semester.

The students currently at SNHU as part of the exchange are loving their time here, with one deciding they would like to transfer here.

Other opportunities exist for universities across the United States. Popular ones include California, New York and Alaska. A student pays the same tuition they do at SNHU and pays the room and board of the destination university. Nearly two hundred partners exist under the program. More information can be found at

The application is still open, with the deadline for the Spring semester of 2019 being November 1. An opportunity for a full academic year exists as well, with a deadline of February 22, 2019.

An info session will be held on Monday, October 29 at 10:00 a.m. in Green Center 116 C. For more information, contact Laura Malito at

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