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Students with an undying love for board games will be gathering on October 19, 2018 at 6 p.m. The SNHU Game Design Club will be holding its second annual Board Game Jam in the Academic Center (ACC) then.

This event is meant to challenge students and “encourages the participants to create a board game in 24 hours,” said Collin Desmond (’20), the secretary for the SNHU Game Design Club. “This is an especially important event for our game development students, since there is very little design based content in our program.”

This event has been happening since October 2016 and is one that the Game Design Club looks forward to every year. It is very easy to participate and sign up. Participants will have to work together in groups to create a game within the allotted time of 24 hours. If students do not sign up prior to the event, they will still be able to participate. They can make a group on the spot or be placed with another group that has already been made.

The event is completely free of cost to enter. “The only thing we require from [participants] is that [they] don’t make a mess of the ACC while we are using it,” Desmond said.

While the event starts at 6 p.m., participants may want to show up a little early to enjoy the food and drinks that the Game Design Club will be providing for the event.

The Board Game Jam will also entail a closing ceremony, where the groups will be able to come together and share the games that they have made.

“This is where the participants show off and play the games they developed. Seeing all the unique spins on our jam theme is also interesting, seeing as no two games are alike,” said Desmond.

Prospective participants can sign up online here: at http://tinyurl.com/BoardGameJam.

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