Second semester is almost over and that means it is almost time to walk the stage and complete exit counseling for any federal student loans students may have taken out while here. Students that took out federal student loans participated in entrance counseling, remember how easy and informative that was? Exit counseling is just as easy, informative, and…required!

Exit counseling is an online exercise to help students learn about the responsibilities and rights as student borrowers that can be completed on paper or online at

When completing exit counseling it is important to come prepared with names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for student’s close family, two references who live in the United States and current information for future employers if that information is available.

It is important to keep in mind that even if students are not graduating but instead are not completing the program studied, cannot find employment after graduation, or are not completely satisfied with SNHU federal student loans, they are still required to be repaid and exit counseling is still required.

There is no need to stress or worry about Exit Counseling. If students have not already, contact to schedule an appointment to complete Exit Counseling with a friendly counselor or log on to to complete the exercise on your own. It is a quick and easy process. Happy Exiting!

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