Makyla Lewellen takes a swing during the Dartmouth Invitational (SNHU Penmen)

“Golf is a very overlooked sport that never gets a lot of press.”

Makyla Lewellen (’20) practices six days a week. This includes routine practices and hefty work out sessions at the gym. Golf is a major aspect of her life. She continuously works hard to maintain a high level of performance.

Lewellen and the Penmen have travelled to three games so far this season. They first went to the Dartmouth Invitational on September 15. They finished 14 out of 15 teams. Then, on September 23, they sloted a third place finish at the Franklin Pierce Fall Invitational. Most recently, they took third place at the Granite State Invitational on October 2.

Three Penmen joined the team this season and Lewellen believes they have brought much talent. “With the addition [of] these players, it added a lot of talent toward the team,” she said. “[Head Coach] Matt Arvanitus has also been a great coach to go to for anything involved in the sport.”

Lewellen feels as though students overlook the women’s golf team. She wishes there was a way for women’s golf to receive more press. Many sports teams participate in events around campus that ultimately result in public recognition. The women’s golf team does not host or participate in events, however she still wants golf to represent the SNHU community.

“I want us to stand out from the rest of the other sports,” she said “I wish that there could be a way that we could be more involved in SNHU and the community. I feel like the whole team really wants to help out. We aren’t really a sport where people go watch the game, but we just want to be mentioned and represented at SNHU.”

The Penmen host the Penmen Columbus Day Intercollegiate Classic on October 6 at the Derryfield Country Club. They hope to get more people involved with the team and aim to show the community how committed and talented the team is.

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