Snow Days

Over the years, snow days have been both a good and bad thing for SNHU. The snow days in the fall and the spring semesters have both excited and disappointed students. The excitement stems from the cancellation of classes, which leaves more time to relax. Snow days in the fall semester aren’t really a big deal since we have time off during the holidays. Snow days in the spring semester are more valued because we don’t have to worry about the limited classes toward the end of the semester and teachers don’t like canceling classes due to snow days.

During the fall semester, the amount of snows days are always limited. The semester begins in September and the weather during that time, before the holidays, is pretty good. Snow days are few and far between due to the mild temperatures. In my opinion, snows days aren’t really an issue during the fall season. Most of the time the weather hasn’t reached those freezing temperatures that we need for a big snowfall.

During spring semester at SNHU, snows days were more common this year than last year, when the students didn’t really have a lot of days off besides spring break. More snow days occurred during the spring of 2018 because we had three nor’easter winter storms back-to-back. One storm occurred just before students went on spring break. During the outbreak of these nor’easter winter storms SNHU received at least three snow days and many class cancellations.

When these snow days occurred during the semester, teachers hated cancelling classes because of the weather. This is mostly due to the limited time available toward the end of the semester to finish up everything required to close out the term.

During the time of the three winter storms that occurred during spring semester and gave SNHU many snow days, I received 18-24 inches at my house alone so I couldn’t really go anywhere during spring break. The snows days during spring break made the break just a little bit longer, but in general spring break just isn’t long enough. Even with those snow days, many students, myself included, still found spring break very short due to the forced isolation caused by the snow.

In my opinion, snow days will be a problem for schools around the world, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s the fall or spring semester. SNHU will always have snow days in place of academic classes. I love a good snow day. It’s a chance for most people to get caught up on homework. I use them as an opportunity to chill out at home to watch movies, play video games and work on my genre novels.

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