Studying abroad as a business major allows students to gain a direct understanding of how international business compares to domestic business. Business students with the desire to travel have numerous options for studying abroad, including spending a semester at the renowned Cologne Business School (CBS) in Cologne, Germany.

SNHU first partnered with the Cologne Business School in 2014 and students have studied there since fall of 2016.

According to Study Abroad Advisor Scott Snyder, the program is beneficial because it provides, “The opportunity… to connect with a major European economy, mainly for international business purposes.”

The abroad experience in Cologne is an exchange program, meaning that CBS sends some of their own students to SNHU in exchange for SNHU students interested in going to Germany. Exchange programs are often considered beneficial because both colleges gain cultural diversity and international perspective from the switch.

CBS was founded in 1993 and contains about 1,400 students. According to the CBS website, the college is known for its wide variety of English-language courses. Most notably, it was among the first of universities to offer an internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree.

Students who engage in this program are required to enroll in a German language course in addition to three to four classes of their choosing. Although the program is well-suited for business majors, one does not need to be a business major to study abroad in Cologne.

“Our last student, [who went in] fall 2017 is a Music Education major and we’re working for fall 2018 with a psychology major,” said Snyder.

Snyder recommends taking unique business courses that are not available at SNHU. Doing so provides students with the opportunity to gain additional insight into global society.

“It’s always useful to save your Global Culture Cluster, Free Electives or other flexible areas… to make this work,” said Snyder.

Many students opt for staying in a “CBS Dormitory,” which are about 10-15 minutes from the university by bus. These dormitories are typically filled with international students, and past students have commented on how they have made numerous friends through this housing system. This fall, students will have to option to live with a local family. This is referred to as a home-stay. This option is more costly, but it includes two meals a day and authentic cultural immersion.

Although Cologne may be off-the-radar for many people, it is considered a “German Metropolis,” with a population of about one million, including about 100,000 students. The city is situated in close proximity to tourist destinations such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. According to the CBS website, “The campus itself is located in the “Südstadt” district of cologne, one of the nicest neighborhoods in Cologne.”

Studying abroad in Cologne is a unique opportunity for students to gain global business perspective at an esteemed university.

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