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Starting in the fall, SNHU will be offering a new major open to all students for enrollment. Dr. Katherine York is an associate professor of biology at SNHU and will be running the new biology program.

Dr. York’s reason for starting the biology program at SNHU is because during the six years that she worked at the University of New Hampshire, she was able to create a new curriculum for the program there and loved it. York has also seen SNHU grow in so many directions in the eight years she has been here, and the biology program at most schools is one of the biggest programs. It works as a foundation for so many other subjects.

According to York, “The foundation of the biology program is going to be lab work.” The major will include a “one-year sequence in biology and a one-year sequence in chemistry. Both will have labs. Then there will be two concentrations. One will be leading towards health science, and one will be leading towards cells and organisms,” according to York. The concentrations will not be available until the fall of 2019, so any students starting the biology program in the fall will start by taking core classes. For example, Bio 120 and Bio 120 Lab may be completed in the first semester.

York said, “Students will also have a chance to use statistics and mathematical analysis. An example would be how to support data.”

York believes that the bio program will be a big transition into the sciences for the school. York added, “Even though we have the environmental science major, which is great, the biology program can help build on that but be its own thing at the same time.”

“There will be a lot more lab work and that this will be a vigorous and challenging program.”

Any students who have any interest in joining the Biology program in the fall or have any questions about the program can contact Dr. York or visit her during her office hours. Contact k.york@snhu.edu, Katherine York Office Hours Robert Frost 206, Monday and Thursday 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Tuesday and Friday 8:30-9:30 a.m. and Wednesday 12:15-1 p.m.

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