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The SNHU Voice Studio held their annual Voices of SNHU spring concert in the Last Chapter Pub Thursday, March 26 at 5 p.m in front of an extensive, enthusiastic crowd.

Guests were greeted by voice instructor Lindsay Rinaldi who introduced the concert’s 16 performers, all of whom were accompanied by pianist Charlie Blood. Rinaldi spent last semester teaching the performing students in MUS-250 during weekly voice lessons. The concert showcased the talents the students enhanced over the past semester.

Rinaldi told attendees each performer has a unique musical style and genre. Students performed songs in various genres spanning from jazz to country to pop culture. Their performances varied in stylings, however, according to Rinaldi, every performer had one thing in common: Their love for singing.

“Voices of SNHU gives students from across all academic disciplines the chance to share their passion for singing with family, friends and the SNHU community,” said Rinaldi. “It takes a tremendous amount of courage to perform in public, but for those who choose to do it, the learning experience is unparalleled.”

The show opened with Aurora Delia (’19) performing Journey to the Past from the film “Anastasia.” She showcased her high tones and musical innuendos in her rendition of the popular Disney song. She was followed by Emmett Christian (’20) who sang the well-known song There’s a Fine Line from “Avenue Q,” which allowed Christian to accentuate their deeper tones. Abygayle Parelius (’21) then performed Bow the Knee, a song that highlighted her calming, soft voice. Adina Friedman (’18) followed with The Girl You Think I Am. This was a well-suited song for her as it abled her to feature her strong, full voice. Julia Hussey (’19) then took to the stage to perform the popular country song I Wonder by Kellie Pickler.

To continue in the country genre, Aaron Therrien (’19) performed Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. It was a passionate performance that accentuated Therrien’s soulful country sound. Ethan Wilson (’20) followed with I Will Follow You into The Dark. He sang with a deep, soft sound and was accompanied by a ukulele. Lindsay Vachon (’19) then sang Whisper, a song that allowed her to feature her strong voice. Lin Mo (’20) then took the stage and performed cross-cultural tune One OK Rock that included both Japanese and English lyrics. Greg Lemire (’20) then performed Shades of Cool, a slow, dark piece that brought a unique emo vibe to the stage.

He was followed by Kea Lopez (’19) who used her beautiful voice to perform the pop hit Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan. Kaitlin Teatreault (’18) then took the stage to perform Let’s Hear from the Boy in a fun, upbeat performance. Mary Newton (’18) then sang Even Though, a soft, upbeat song about wanting a man regardless of the circumstances. Next, Caryssa Propfe (’18) performed Dyin’ Ain’t so Bad by Bonnie and Clyde. She hit high notes flawlessly and executed with a clean and crisp voice. Dylan Turner (’20) took to the stage next to perform I’m Beginning to See the Light with a confident essence. He showed similarities to the stylings of Frank Sinatra.

To close the show, Jeremy Reichentahl (’18) performed Closer by the Chainsmokers. Dressed in a suit and tie, he sang a jazz remake of the hit alternative song with confidence and sophistication. Reichentahl snapped his fingers and swayed from side to side in the rhythm of the music. Audience members snapped along and cheered from their seats.

Of his standout performance, Reichentahl said, “I wanted to make sure that the show ended as strongly as it started and progressed through the night. I am a huge jazz fan so when I came across this song thanks to Lindsay [Rinaldi], I knew this would be a perfect song for me.”

Performers received a standing ovation at the end of the show and some were even given flowers from friends and family.

If you are interested in performing and singing, consider joining the SNHU Voice Studio! This is a one-credit class and meets once per week for 30 minutes in Fall 2018. Register for MUS-250-19517 Non-Mus. Ed Maj Lesson: Voice.

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