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In the United States, Thai cuisine has evolved from an obscure and unfamiliar style of Asian food to a nationwide obsession. Authentic Thai food is the specialty at Daw Kun Thai, a quaint restaurant located near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Husband and wife team Desmond and Nipaporn Holman opened Daw Kun Thai on May 5, 2017. “My wife, who is the head cook, is from Thailand. She was the head cook of another restaurant in Salem, NH for six years and she wanted to have her own [restaurant],” said Desmond.

The couple uses authentic Thai recipes and ingredients in the preparation of their dishes, the most popular being Pad Ka Prao, also known as basil sauce. This spicy sauce, made with Thai basil, is served with pork or chicken, assorted vegetables and steamed jasmine rice.

Desmond Holman’s favorite menu item is Num Tok Nua, a marinated grilled steak salad with fresh herbs and a spicy sauce.

The menu also includes a variety of Thai curries, fried rice, soups and noodle dishes, including Pad Thai, the famous Thai dish consisting of chicken or shrimp with egg, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. Diners can compliment their meal with a refreshingly sweet Thai iced tea or coffee.

Due to the authenticity of the recipes, many of the dishes on the menu may seem unfamiliar. To eliminate confusion and guesswork, Holman decided to feature a picture of every item on the menu.

Despite its growing popularity, Thai cuisine remains off the radar for many people. Holman advises those who are hesitant to “come in and talk to me. I’ve helped a lot of people out.” Diners can choose to enjoy their meal in the bright, cozy dining room, simply adorned with Thai art or opt for takeout.

“We have a possible future plan to have a patio and we want to do something called shabu shabu. It’s Thai’s version of Chinese hotpot. You get the broth and a griddle. It would be done all on your own. You cook it yourself with chopsticks,” said Holman, regarding his future plans for the restaurant.

Freshness and authenticity are taken seriously at Daw Kun Thai, a recommended eatery for anyone searching for a healthy and satisfying meal.


Pad Ka Prao Lunch Special (image credit: Nicholas VonSchantz-Ricci)

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