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All students now have an opportunity to purchase tickets off of SNHU tickets for a trip to Boston which will take place on Saturday, April 7.

David Humphreys, Instructor of Communication at SNHU, outlined the main goals for the trip.

“Hopefully, attendees can expect to gain a greater cultural understanding and achieve a small step out of their comfort zone. It’s also a way to unwind and to let students treat themselves with a trip to New England’s major city.”

The trip has been planned by Humphreys and Tracy Dow, Department Chair for the Communication and Media Arts Department and an Assistant Professor for the department. It’s also cosponsored with the Communication/Media Arts department and the Media Design club. The idea for the trip has been in the making since last spring.

The original idea for the trip was to tour Fenway Park and then explore the Gardner Museum, but the Gardner Museum was not able to accommodate the large group of students at the scheduled time.

Last year’s trip was to New York City, which gave SNHU students the chance to go on a tour of NBC Studios. The tickets sold out quickly and many students enjoyed the experience. The expected popularity for this year’s trip is unknown since Boston is closer to SNHU than New York City, so students may not be in as much of a rush to get tickets. A big issue besides location is that there are a few other trips to Boston taking place this semester, which means some students might not want to go on a trip to Boston after going there previously.

For anyone interested in going on the trip, tickets are $20 and the expected cost for each person is about $40.

After the tour of Fenway Park, buses will meet students at a previously determined rendezvous point. Students need to be at the meeting point on time if they wish to take the bus back to SNHU.

The idea is that students will begin at Fenway and then make their way up through Newbury Street and Boylston Street to Boston Common. What makes this trip unique is the chance for independent exploration of the city.

For instance, if students want to go up to the North End and visit some of the historical sites, get a bite to eat, visit the Gardner museum or relax at the common, the opportunity is there. Essentially, this trip gives attendees a lot of freedom in determining what places and sites they can explore and see.

Considering that the expected group total is about 50 students, it was agreed that it would be simpler for students to go on their own self-made exploration than constantly stick with a group. For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to explore Boston, this trip provides an opportunity to do so.

While one may view the trip exclusively as a chance to have some rest and relaxation away from campus, going on this trip can also help reduce tension about moving to a city like Boston for anyone who’s considering pursuing a career or living in the major metropolitan center after graduation.

“The more experiences you have, good or bad, the better. As an institution, SNHU does a great job at allowing faculty to do these things. We have a lot of support for field trips and experiential classes,” Humphreys stated.

To learn more about the upcoming trip to Boston, feel free to email Humphreys at d.humphreys@snhu.edu


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