SURPRISE! If you have been keeping up with the The Penmen Press this past week, you know that we have been working on a super secret project. We are happy today to unveil our amazing team’s hard work with the new and improved

Thanks to the dedication of our online team, is now more user friendly. Its dynamic design brings more photos and headlines to the homepage than ever before, allowing readers to peruse through our latest content to find the articles that appeal most to them.

The website is also more responsive to window size and seamlessly shrinks and expands to fit any screen. It’s both mobile and desktop friendly, making it possible to read content anytime, anywhere.

Backend updates were also made to enhance website access for our staff members, leaving us better able to train them. By incorporating this online facet to our staff’s ongoing list of tasks, we’re hoping they will all leave SNHU with a number of impressive, well-rounded, pre-professional skills.

We have never been a complacent bunch, and we are constantly striving to better ourselves and the product that we put out. The launch of our website this past September marked a huge leap in innovation, but even we know that there is always room for improvement. While our values push us to reach higher for the sake of our own standards, we do everything with our readers and community in mind, and it is with your help and inspiration that we are happy to announce this new chapter of

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