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Financial Technology (Fintech) is a new and modern way to handle finances whenever there is a few minutes to spare and a smartphone handy. Today, information is expected immediately and almost any answer can be found online. Fintech bridges the gap between instant gratification as well as convenience and financial services like banking, bill pay, investing and budgeting.

Fintech can provide users with resources regarding financial literacy, money management, savings vehicles and even banking. For Fintech apps to be successful, there are several must haves like professional graphics, original concepts, smart marketing, bank level security and reliability.

Users of Fintech know that although finances can be a very dry topic, making the information instantaneous, appealing and unique is what keeps users interested. New apps are constantly being released in the Fintech community that have smart features that make them beneficial and time-saving for users. Here are a few of the newest:

Lemonade: Lemonade is a Fintech app that launched in 2016 and helps users get home owner’s insurance or renters insurance. The app specializes in making the insurance process quick, and getting a quote literally takes minutes. The record time for paying for a claim is three seconds. Lemonade’s innovative and quick technology is becoming more and more popular among users by saving them time and money.

Mint: Mint is a personal budgeting manager so users can know where they stand on all financial platforms. Whether users have several savings accounts, checking accounts or credit cards from different financial institutions, all the balances and information can be linked together with Mint. Users will never wonder how much money they have again. With this app they can see exactly where their money goes and where they can cut back on spending to save even more money.

HoneyDue: HoneyDue is an app that makes combining finances for couples easier. This is a free tracking and budgeting app that allows couples with cross accounts to get access to each other’s spending habits more easily than before. Couples can comment on the other’s transactions and manage bill reminders together. This creates an easier way for couples to stay on track of their combined spending habits and financial goals.

Along with these Fintech apps, there are many more on the market for any financial need or question users might have.

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