(image credit: Bungie/ Activision)

“Destiny 2” was a game that was expected to fail, but Bungie Studios delivered to its fans with the release of an excellent sequel.

Bungie took a different approach this time around by switching up multiplayer, while also greatly improving upon the story of the “Destiny” universe. This game is loosely a First-Person Shooter Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (FPS MMORPG) and stands alongside various other titles like “Call of Duty,” “Battlefield,” and “Overwatch” just to name a few.

This new installation of “Destiny” begins with the player’s home world being taken over and their character losing everything they possess as a result. Dominus Ghaul is the villain behind this attack, and he believes that the Traveler should choose him to have its light, rather than the player.

The beginning of the game strips the player of everything and forces them to build their way back up to the top. Unlike the previous “Destiny” title, players can actually follow the story mode and track their progress throughout the game.

Moving forward, Bungie took in tons of feedback and decided to make the game more community driven. Players can join in on optional public events that can be triggered through a variety of different ways, and the clan system has been improved, allowing players of all kinds to play and compete against one another. This system also allows players to join clans temporarily so they can embark on clan only missions.

“Destiny 2’s” Crucible mode has also received a bit of a change as well. For starters, players can now have two primary weapons equipped at the same time. Sniper rifles and shotguns have been placed in the same category as rocket launchers and swords.

“Destiny 2” has been taking the world by storm and exceeding its predecessor altogether. The story feels good and puts the player in the action. The community grows closer together each and every day as we wait to see what else Bungie has up their sleeves for “Destiny 2.”

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