Fetty Wap will be performing during SNHU’s Homecoming on October 13 (Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage)

This year’s Major Concert artist has been revealed at tonight’s Big Money Bingo. Rap artist Fetty Wap, known for hits “Trap Queen” and “679” will be performing at SNHU on October 13 in the Athletic Complex Fieldhouse. Supporting Fetty Wap will be SNHU alum Matt Corman.

“We started the planning process back in March when we compiled a list of potential headliners and openers. All throughout the end of last school year, we narrowed the list of potential artists down to 3 and sent in our first bid. Unfortunately for us, our first bid was not accepted and so back to the drawing board we went. When the first artist denied our offer, they sent us back a list of potential artists that they have worked with and thought would be a good match for us in the genre of Rap/Hip Hop. On that list was Fetty Wap. This was the first time we thought about him for our show, very simply because we did not think we could afford such a huge name,” said Shannon Conway, Concert Chair of CAPE. “Fast forward to the middle of July, and now we have a confirmed artist, Fetty Wap!”

Big Money Bingo saw an impressive turnout, with CAPE running out of their roughly 300 bingo boards and over 500 people overall. For the first time, the Major Concert will be held in the Fall during Homecoming Weekend. This is a change from the normal slot during Spring semester.

“As Concert Chair, this has been a very well-kept, yet super difficult secret to keep. CAPE has invested many hours, tears and hard work into this show since March and I couldn’t be more proud of the show we have created for you all, the students,” said Conway.

Tickets for the show are now available through SNHUTickets.com.

Conway finished with a message to SNHU students. “Thank you all in advance for your support with our Major Concert this year!”

Are you hyped for the Major Concert? Let us know in the comments below!

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