Singer and Youtuber Juliette Reilly performed at the Last Chapter Pub on Saturday, April 8. This event was put on by the Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE).

The young pop artist sang songs that were from her two extended plays (EP) “Battlecry” and “I Am” as well as some original songs and covers.

By engaging the crowd through singing along to covers, as well as taking the time to discuss being young, being in college and the territories that come with it, Juliette was enamored by the crowd.

“It was great to reach a college audience, which was nice, especially since I recently graduated college—I’m able to relate to you guys a bit. The crowd was so warm and welcoming,” said Reilly.

Among the college students who were at Reilly’s performance, there were some outliers to the crowd. Sheena and Chrystina Folkman, two long time fans of hers, drove to see the artist from their home state of Illinois.

“Juliette’s music is full of hope that everything in life is going to be okay,” said Chrystina Folkman. Her wife, Sheena, chimed in, “I find that Juliette’s music is easy to connect with and that she has great stage presence and knows how to work a crowd.”

Senior Laurie Smith was pleased with the artist and her music. “I’ve never really heard of this artist before, but I’m glad I came. I definitely would want to check out her future work,” said Smith.

As the show was going on, the young artist got an interesting question from a much younger fan of hers, a young boy named Logan J.

“Are butterflies always strong?” asked J. The artist took the time and responded, “Yes, Logan J., butterflies are always strong.” When asked about Reilly, J said, “I like Juliette’s song ‘Bones’ and I like her singing.”

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