Jeremy Moore and James Cowin’s virtual reality game, “Steadfast.” (Image credit: Jeremy Moore & James Cowin)

SNHU will host its first Game Design Showcase on April 9, an event where game design students will be showing off their best projects and ideas.

The first of its kind, this event for SNHU is both a celebration of the hard work game design students have put in all year and a networking opportunity. Many local developers, both students and independents, are expected to appear, as well as an as-of-yet unannounced keynote speaker.

Seniors Jeremy Moore and James Cowin will be showing off their virtual reality first-person shooter “Steadfast.”

“’Steadfast’ is a story driven wave defense shooter about saving the human race from robots,” said Moore. “Cowin is doing the art for this game and I’m doing the programming.” The pair will be appearing as independents. Their game is set to be available on steam within the next two months.

“Gun Gun Gun,” a two-dimensional action game developed by SNHU alumni and students, is also scheduled to

“I absolutely love the idea of an on-campus showcase,” says
Collin Desmond, a freshman game programming and development student. “It’s not every day that you get to go see what game developer students are up to.”

Desmond will be appearing to represent the Game Design Club’s collaborative game, “Warlock’s Tower.” It is a tower defense game about a wizard defending his castle from invading knights.

“We never intended to show off the game but when the opportunity came up we decided that getting feedback from developers was important,” said Desmond.

It is not too late for students to participate. Applications are
being accepted up to the week of the event. Games are accepted in all stages of development. As of writing, fifteen exhibitors are scheduled with that number expected to grow as the event nears. All students are invited to attend.

“Don’t worry if it’s your first time participating. You won’t get any better if you don’t hustle and throw yourself out there,” says Desmond.

Students can contact Mustapha Price at for more information and to apply.

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