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Before we get into it, let’s start by saying that this is an April Fool’s issue. There’s real news, as usual, but there’s also a section in this issue dedicated to joke articles. Fake news, if you will. They’re meant to be humorous and not taken seriously. So don’t get confused. We’ve run into issues with that in the past.

For years now, the Penmen Press has taken part in the annual celebration of April Fool’s Day by releasing an issue centered around the holiday. This is the fifth consecutive year we’ve come together to compose a selection of joke news articles for your entertainment (and our own).

The point of the issue, like the holiday itself, is to take ourselves less seriously and revel in the ridiculousness of fake news presented as fact. It’s a good time for us, so we hope it’s a good time for you.

Now, we haven’t always gotten it right. If you have been here as long as we have, you might know that April Fool’s issues have been met with varying degrees of success.Past issues have featured subtle clues pointing to the joking nature while others have been much more obvious. It would seem that there is a learning curve to this whole “fake news” thing.

Some April Fool’s issues have incited anger, such as in 2013 (and 2015) where the front page boasted an up-and-coming Penmen Football team. Another April Fool’s issue discussed the VERY REAL implications of allowing the Mole People to attend SNHU.

Every year, the staff tries to incorporate an April Fool’s article about President Paul LeBlanc. In 2015, LeBlanc was reported to be leaving SNHU to pursue his racquetball career. Last year, he was reunited with his long lost son, “Friends” superstar, Matt LeBlanc. And this year, it has been announced that he will be running for the 2020 Presidential Election.

We at the Penmen Press love this tradition and wish you happy reading on this momentous day.

Peace out, Pen-people. Happy April Fooling.

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