Spirituality is a matter of the utmost importance to some individuals, and SNHU has a club dedicated to fostering this type of thought provoking exploration.  

Here at SNHU, the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a club on campus that wants to bring a sense of Christian life to campus. An interested individual does not need to be Christian to join, as the club is open to people of all faiths and anyone who may be interested in learning about spirituality.  

While InterVarsity may be part of the club’s name, it is not athlete specific. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is one club part of a larger organization with InterVarsity Christian Fellowships from other colleges. At other schools, there may be a focus on athletics, but the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at SNHU has no such focus.  

The club has been around on this campus for three years. Some students at SNHU felt there was not a place to grow their Christian faith and meet likeminded people, so they contacted the area InterVarsity director to start an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the SNHU campus. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship organization sent some staff to help students setup a chapter. David Spinale is one of the staff workers. While he doesn’t work for SNHU, he does act as the campus liaison to InterVarsity and the club advisor. He also helps multiple college campuses in the area.  

The club is always looking for new members and currently has ten members and growing. It can range from being a part of the Christian religion and wanting to grow the faith, to someone who wants to learn more about the group or is just looking to make new friends, or to be a part of conversations that discuss different beliefs. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is open to all.  

Alan Mendonca, the club president, gave his own personal explanation of why he wanted to join the club in the first place. “I wanted a Christian group on campus I could stick to. I wanted to join mainly because of the community aspect and remain immersed in the faith. That’s what made me want to join the club.”  

Mendonca has been president of the club since the beginning of the semester. Sarah Rohrdanz, the club secretary, gave some insight into what her favorite aspect of the club is. “Being with other people that share the same beliefs as me and being able to grow with other people.”  

Events run by the club include a Christmas party where everyone is invited to play games, eat food, and embrace the yuletide spirit. Games and pizza nights, service work and laser tag outings are some of the other events members can expect to enjoy.  

For anyone who is interested, the club meets on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in the Green Center, room 102A. The club is also willing to meet outside of that time to establish meeting times for those who want to get connected and learn more.  

If anyone is interested in joining, learning more about the club or has questions, they can be sent to intervarsity@snhu.edu. 

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