“Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to travel and see the world,” said junior Ashley Lauzier. Lauzier majors in music education at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). She studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the Florence School of Art in the fall of 2016. “When I found out you could study abroad somewhere in college I knew I had to do that.”SNHU’s Study Abroad program was one of the reason’s Lauzier’s chose to come here because she knew that she could do it and still graduate on time.

She particularly chose Italy because she loved the country, everything from the food to the architecture, to the natural beauty that Italy has to offer.

Before going to Italy, Lauzier was worried that she might not adjust well. “After a little bit, I realized there was nothing I needed have anything to worry about. I just needed to see where Italy took me. I was lucky enough to make some good friends along the way and we just went on the adventure together.”

At Florence University of Art, Lauzier took piano lessons, finite mathematics, cultural introduction to Italy, and Food, Culture, and Society.

Studying abroad in Italy was Lauzier’s first international travel. “I didn’t know what I was getting myself in to. Then I realized that I have been wanting to travel since I was in high school and how great of an opportunity this was for me,” said Lauzier.

Lauzier understands now what it means to be an international student. “Even if we didn’t speak the same language, I felt connected to these people and knew they felt the same,” said Lauzier. “Since returning to the US, and SNHU, I have a lot of respect for the international students who study here for multiple years.”

“It was always nice to see a familiar face in Florence to remind yourself that you weren’t alone. When I traveled outside of Florence, I always traveled with friends from Florence University of the Arts,” said Lauzier. Lauzier encourages all students to study abroad. She believes traveling and studying in a different country will change students’ perspectives about the world around them. According to her, nervousness is a part of traveling overseas, especially for the first timers.

“Don’t stress about things going wrong, everything always works out. Some of your best memories and adventures might come from you getting lost and finding your way again,” said Lauzier. “You will meet so many great people and try so many great things, and don’t worry about being “home” it will be here when you get back.”


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