Trance is one of my favorite EDM subgenres because it does exactly what the name says: it puts me in a trance. It’s so easy to just put on some high quality trance, relax, and space out as your thoughts take over and the world around you ceases to exist.

Mitchell Claxton is a prime example of an artist that makes some of the most quality melodic trance I’ve ever heard (check out “Koh Samui (feat. Angie Coombes)” by him, it’s nine minutes of pure bliss).

Mitchell hasn’t released a track like his old work in nearly five years, which means I’ve been waiting for some high quality melodic trance for nearly five years. This past Monday, January 30, independent EDM record label

Monstercat dropped a song that hit my trance-starved heart in exactly the right way. Gareth Emery’s “Saving Light (feat. HALIENE)” is a godsend. It’s what the trance community within the Monstercat fanbase has been waiting for. The melodies are so crisp, while also lulling you into a comfortable dreamlike state.HAILENE’s vocals are full and gorgeous, complementing the song to the best it can be. Emery’s talent in production, chord progression, and ability to evoke emotion shine in this piece, especially when paired with the music video.

The song itself was actually made as part of an awareness event for the Ditch the Label charity, which deals with bullying and bullying victims. The music video features a young girl being bullied relentlessly by her peers and being pushed to the brink of suicide before being saved by her teacher (the teacher thus being the girl’s “Saving Light”).

By itself, the music video might be a little over the top or cheesy; however, when paired with the song and its beautiful lyrics (“If I fall / tonight / you can be my saving light”), it melds perfectly and elicits strong emotional reactions. I almost cried the first time I watched it.

I’ve been listening to the song on an almost non-stop loop since it dropped, and I have yet to grow tired of it. My only issue with it is that it’s nowhere near long enough. Four minutes and thirty-five seconds is laughably short for a song in this genre. “Koh Samui” is exactly nine minutes long, and another Mitchell Claxton song, “Wuxia” is nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Those are both twice as long and “Saving Light.”

The short length is genuinely disappointing, but doesn’t take away from the beauty of the song itself. This song is a must-listen for anyone. I forced a few of my friends that aren’t into trance to give it a listen, and they loved it. It’s a great song for a great cause. You can stream “Saving Light” on YouTube, Spotify, and any service that has a constantly updating library.


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