The 2016 presidential election is widely considered to have been among the most dramatic, controversial, and hardfought elections in U.S. history.

On Nov. 8, it came to an unforgettable conclusion. Coordinators of Activities and Programming Events (CAPE) celebrated Election Day by hosting an election viewing party in the Last Chapter Pub. The Women’s Center and College Republicans served as cosponsors.

Many students who have followed the election throughout its many twists and turns attended with the hope that their candidate of choice would become the forty-fifth President of the United States.

Earlier in the day, the Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) bussed voters to and from the Manchester and Hooksett polls. For most Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) students, this was their first opportunity to vote in a presidential election.

The party provided an opportunity to tune in to the election coverage while spending time with peers.

Senior Rachel Straehle attended as a representative from the Women’s Center. Straehle said, “I am excited for students to come together to celebrate community engagement, especially after having a very successful day bringing students to the polls as a worker for CCEL.”

The election coverage was shown on a large projection screen in front of the stage area. Other components of the event included music, red, white, and blue mason jar painting, and free Shirley Temples.

“There has been great atmosphere, great company, and great Shirley Temples,” said freshman Hillary Faust.

Many attendees had very strong opinions about both major candidates, and they were often heard cheering their respective candidates throughout the night.

“The election is pretty tense this year. You can feel the tension. Everyone is focusing on the results. It’s nice to see both viewpoints, though,” said senior Sinja Mandel.

The closeness of the race, especially in the battleground state of New Hampshire, had many students on the edge of their seat.

After months of anticipation, it was determined that Donald Trump would serve as the country’s next commander-in-chief, having received the necessary 270 electoral votes from the electoral college. He will take office in January of 2017.

The Election Viewing Party served as an enjoyable venue to watch history being made.

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