The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) put on Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, which traditionally falls on the week leading up to Thanksgiving. The week is designed to bring awareness and support to those who struggle with poverty. Affecting communities across the nation, hunger and homelessness limits families from coming together during the holiday season.

Here at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), many organizations around campus are coming together to get involved. Starting on Monday Nov. 14 and running through Saturday Nov. 19, students were encouraged to attend and participate in a variety of events held throughout the week.

The week kicked off with the “Faces of Homelessness Panel,” located in the ACC First Floor Learning Commons. The event began at 5:30 p.m. and students could hear from people who have experienced the struggles of homelessness and the ways in which they are currently trying to end it.

Sophomore Kristen Boyd said, “I thought it was very eye opening to see that someone who is doing so well in life could wake up the next day and find that everything is gone.”

The panel highlighted specific strategies to limit the percentage of homelessness within the Manchester area.

Junior Stephanie Anderson said, “It was cool that we were able to hear both sides of homelessness, the people who work every day trying to help to make things better and from people who actually experienced homelessness and received these services. It was disheartening to hear the stories of how the panelists became homeless.”

Wednesday, Nov. 16, students attended the “In Her Shoes” Domestic Violence Shelter simulation. The simulation was run through the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). This organization is considered the largest multicultural women’s organization in the world. Their mission is to eliminate racism and empower women.

Participants at the event where exposed to the thoughts and actions of domestic violence victims to better understand what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. By attending the event, students were given better insight and awareness of how serious domestic violence is in society.

Additional events throughout the week included “A Look into Their World,” “Stop Hunger Now,” and other various volunteer opportunities.

“A Look into Their World” consisted of a themed journey that provided students with a better understanding of what it’s like to be hungry and homeless. The event was three Penmen Pride points and students were asked to donate socks during the event. The socks will be donated to the Manchester Homeless Center.

“Stop Hunger Now” was an event that the OUTREACH Association put on in the Miles Room in the Dining Center. This is where students package about 10,000 meals to send to people in need. Hunger and Homelessness Week brings awareness to issues facing the surrounding Manchester area and how students package about 10,000 meals to send to people in need. Hunger and Homelessness Week brings awareness to issues facing the surrounding Manchester area and how students at SNHU can get involved

Rachel Romeo
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