It is October, which means it is mock interview season. Mock interviews are useful in prepar­ing students for real job inter­views. They serve as a great tool for students to practice their in­terview skills as well as receive feedback from actual employers.

Since the mock interviews are only to prepare students, mistakes are free to be made. It is better for students to make mistakes during practice rather than the “real thing.”

Practice allows students to fully prepare themselves. Some pointers are to pick out a busi­ness professional outfit and re­search facts about the company conducting the interview.

Successful mock interviews may lead to actual job offers and the expansion of students’ professional networks. It is per­tinent that students follow up with the interviewer and send a thank you note.

Mock interviews are practice for real job interviews, so it is crucial to be mindful of a pro­fessional appearance, and both verbal and nonverbal communi­cation skills in a business setting.

The Career Development Center is here to help take the stress of interviews away; stu­dents with questions regarding resumes or upcoming job inter­views are suggested to schedule an appointment or mock inter­view.

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