“The world is growing ever smaller, and we cannot continue to live only in our ‘New England Bubble’ comfort zone, oblivious to the world outside our windows,” said Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Study Abroad Advisor Scott Snyder.

Being a study abroad alum himself, Snyder currently works in the Study Abroad office at SNHU. Those who want to learn more about studying abroad can contact Scott Snyder at studyabroad@snhu.edu.

Snyder studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the Fall of 2011. While in Argentina for 20 weeks, Snyder lived in a homestay and volunteered. Snyder volunteered for the Un Techo Para Mi Pais (A Roof for my Country) while abroad.

“Not only was it a deeply humbling experience, but it completely transformed my perspective, and it is the reason I am now a Study Abroad Advisor,” said Snyder in regards to his volunteering opportunity.

There are several abroad volunteering opportunities available to current SNHU students who choose to study abroad. The SNHU Study Abroad staff can help inform students on the topic.

Another study abroad alum is Brianna Ambrosino who studied abroad in Florence, Italy during the Spring of 2016.

“I was, and still continue to be, completely in awe of the language and culture of Italy,” said Ambrosino. Ambrosino chose to live with a host mom instead of a dorm building while abroad.

When asked why she believes studying abroad is so important, Ambrosino replied with, “You will learn more during your experience than you EVER will in a classroom. Your knowledge and appreciation of culture expands, your communication skills skyrocket, and your problem solving abilities will go through the roof.”

Ambrosino also advises SNHU students who wish to study abroad to consider the homestay option. “I know that it’s strange for students to think about the idea of living with a strange family in a strange country, but the experience you get by living with a family [is] a completely different and more REAL experience abroad.”

Ambrosino loved studying abroad in Florence so much that she is studying abroad in the same location this coming Spring.

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