National Coming Out Day was on Oct. 11 and Generation Equality celebrated it with a creative photo shoot from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m in the Student Center.

This event featured a door frame set up which symbolized “the closet.” People could write down on white boards what they wanted to come out to the community as.

Everybody had something to write down, whether it was funny or serious. Some people decide to use this opportunity to come out to their community and others chose to share a characteristic or feature about themselves.

When participants were in the frame of the door and went to step out, members of Generation Equality took pictures. The pictures of the students coming out would be posted on social media if the participants were comfortable with this. If they did not feel comfortable with this, they did not have to have their picture go on social media.

This event made the act of coming out more concreate because the participants were “legitimately coming out of the closet,” said Treasurer of Generation Equality, Dee Dube, a Junior at SNHU.

The club ran this event last year and decided it would be a great thing to continue with this year. The purpose of this event was to create community awareness and to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community;

“Coming out can be tough for a lot of people, but with more events like this it celebrates who you are. The purpose of this event is to normalize and celebrate the act of coming out. This event is not exclusive to the just the LGBTQ+ community it is for everybody,” said Dube.

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