Nora is your typical high school sophomore. Typical is a rather trivial word for what the rest of the book holds for its readers. Author of the New York Times Bestseller “Hush, Hush,” Becca Fitzpatrick, writes a story around Nora who lives in a secluded part of Maine.

Nora’s father was recently killed, murdered to be specific, and Nora is left with her mom, a housekeeper to be with when her mom is working, and an expansive old Colonial house where fog is its only other companion for miles.

Nora’s typical life soon turns upside-down, not because of her wild and exuberant friend Vee, but because of her new biology partner, Patch.

Nora and Patch’s combative school partnership soon turns into something more than Nora could have ever imagined.

With Vee by her side, Nora tries to battle her emotions, her grades, as well as her number one enemy, Marcie Millar, who has had it out for Nora for years.

Fitzpatrick’s book is fast paced with details and a concept that is hard to ignore. Certain situations that arise may seem clichéd to some, but Fitzpatrick’s details and language throughout the book are stellar and to be noted.

Fitzpatrick writes, “Lockers were lined up on either side of the hallway like sleeping robotic soldiers. Instead of a peaceful, quiet feeling, the halls radiated hidden menace” (p. 353). That is an example of the kind of descriptive and imaginative writer she is.

The story continues with Nora finding herself in situations she had not thought possible. She faces deadly mind tricks, Angel wings, lies, and death itself.

The lies Nora are fed are not trivial or unimportant. They are deceptive and manipulative lies that are threatening to tear her life apart.

If anyone is looking for an action-filled book series with twists and turns and a never-ending series of events that threaten to crush Nora and everyone she loves, the “Hush, Hush” saga is it.

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