(image credit: The Penmen Press)

The Student Government Association (SGA) provided ev­ery Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) club and organization a $1,000 Bonus Al­location to their budgets. This bonus will be a permanent ad­dition to club budgets, and will be provided to new and starting clubs as well.

This $1,000 bonus will allow the clubs and organizations on campus to increase the extent of their programming and event planning for the year. While al­lowing clubs and organizations to expand and think bigger, this bonus consequently allows them to better service the SNHU Community.

For the Penmen Press, this bonus will allow us to plan more events on campus, as well as in­crease our collaboration with other clubs and organizations in the upcoming year. In the past couple of years, the Pen­men Press has seen exponential growth in the number of co-sponsorships and ability to in­teract with the student body.

Additionally, this money can provide clubs with updated club-specific resources. For the Penmen Press, we look forward to updating the software and equipment necessary to pro­duce the paper. With a growing staff, the number of resources and quality of training materials will enable us to expand and im­prove production efforts.

In addition to the benefits for the Penmen Press, other club members and executive board members have expressed their gratitude and excitement for the possibilities this thousand dol­lars presents.

“The increase has been in­cremental to the success.” Fris­bee Club President Grant Hock said. “We have been able to in­vest in more promotional mate­rial for the club to help promote events and general awareness.”

Brendon DiBiasio, president of Gaming Club said, “Gaming club has used the extra $1,000 provided by SGA to purchase new equipment for the club in the form of games and high-end electrical equipment that ben­efits the club members.”

Media & Design Club Presi­dent Mason Dumais said, “Our club has always wanted to take more club photography tours to places like Bar Harbor, down­town Portsmouth, the White Mountains, and now thanks to the additional funds, possibly Montreal or New York.”

This bonus allocation SGA has provided to all clubs, big and small, will provide the ability to bring more opportunities to their members and the student population. Aligned with the growth in The Penmen Press, this budget increase will prove to be beneficial to our club, as we are sure it will be for other clubs on campus. Thank you, SGA.


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