On Wednesday, Sept. 14, students at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) gathered for the Involvement Fair, where they could find many different clubs to join. Each club on campus caters to the diverse population on cam­pus.

One such club is the Live Action Role-Playing Club (LARPing Club). Dana Fin­azzo, president of the LARPing Club, was very pleased with the turnout this semester. “So far we’ve got a few people to join our club. Our club has one of the highest member retention rates out of any club on cam­pus. About 75% of our club members are original mem­bers, and we are always looking to expand.”

Another organization stu­dents looked into was the In­ter Greek Council (IGC). IGC deals mainly with all of the fraternities and sororities on campus. Chris Lockhart, of IGC, represented the Greek organization at SNHU. “We are looking to promote our name and to show that there is a prominent Greek Life here on campus. We are promoting all fraternities and sororities on campus.” Students can join fraternities such as Phi Delta Psi, Phi Delta Theta, and Kappa Delta Phi, and sororities such as Phi Omega Psi, Phi Delta Beta, and Kappa Chi.

In addition, students can take interest in SNHU’s Gen­eration Equality club (GE). GE is a club on campus dedicated to supporting SNHU’s LBGTQ community. Aubrey Shimabu­kuro, president of GE, had big goals for the semester. “We are looking to create better com­munity support and outreach for the LBGTQ community on campus and in the Manchester area. We want people to realize that they don’t have to be LB­GTQ to come to meetings; they can be allies too.”

There are wide arrays of clubs and organizations stu­dents can get involved in.

If students have other ideas of clubs they would like to see on campus, they are encour­aged to create them.

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