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This article is part of The Penmen Press’s annual April Fool’s edition. Even journalists need to have fun once in a while…

Starbucks will begin to de­liver coffee to students in their dorms as needed on Monday, Apr. 18. This free delivery pro­cess will be available at all hours from the Student Center.

The addictive drink will be available to be ordered online through a new service that will be set up through mySNHU where students can indicate the specifications of how they would like their drink prepared for them. The service will be avail­able through finals week and two weeks prior to it.

To fill out an order, students can find the link on the main page of mySNHU under “Other Services” on the left hand side, under a new listing on the web­site: “Student Center Coffee,” which will be added between the “Academic Information” and “Financial Aid” tabs.

Students will be able to pay online using their student I.D. numbers.

Though this service includes coffee, it is limited to the regu­lar, decaf, dark roast blends, and espresso drinks. Students will be able to order the popular double dark lattes and have them hand delivered to their dorms. All regular flavors available in the Student Center Café will also be available to choose from. Food items, such as bagels, muffins, and sandwiches, will not be available for delivery.

It is possible that this option­al delivery service will continue full-time in the semesters to come if enough people utilize it, but it will likely become available again close to finals week each semester when students need their favorite caffeine drinks the most.


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